About Us

35 years of combined experience in the legal industry.

ESQuisite works with attorneys on marketing, business development, training and firm management. We leverage our experience, skills and legal industry knowledge as a solution for solo practitioners and small/mid-size law firms who lack resources and know-how. We implement practical methods with a singular focus of creating additional revenue for our clients, while having fun at the same time.

You’ve heard of the large marketing companies that cater to AmLaw 100 law firms and probably been in touch with one of the thousands of local, general marketing companies that cater to all kinds of business. The large companies are expensive, and the general companies do not understand the legal industry, the business of law and legal marketing ethical rules. ESQuisite is the best of both worlds (and fun!).

Now let's talk about you:
  • You're different. That's why a one-size-fits-all marketing plan won't work for lawyers and law firms.
  • You're busy. You've probably had your legal marketing/business development plans get derailed because of your client's needs.
  • You're in a highly competitive profession. You need to stand apart from other lawyers and law firms.

We're in this together.

Don't be shy - call us, email us, tweet us. Ask us all the questions.

Meet Our Team

Ed Miller
Ed's approach is to get to know you, what goals you have, your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses.
Cady Darago
Cady makes stuff happen! She is a problem solver, a doer and one of the most organized people you'll ever meet.

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